Business Opportunities

CadVantage Win Dealer Chain

Do you want to be a part of the CadVantage Win Winning Team and also make money? Then you have to be a "Link" in the CadVantage Win Dealer Chain".
CadVantage Win the most Popular and Powerful Textile CAD Software has developed wings to fly all over India and reach every corner to make
CadVantage Win available "Anywhere and Everywhere". Yes, you are right! These wings are made up of the "Dealer Chain Links". In other words
we are looking for you. To be a part of the Success Story and a Link of the CadVantage Win Dealer Chain, you need to have the following:-

Flair to make money
Experience in selling software
An office with telephone/fax/ email
A team of Live Wire Salesmen
Inclination and time for CadVantage Win

If you have this we will train your man power, give unstinted support for your marketing activities, and also tell you where the
BUSINESS IS. If you believe that you could be one of the vital links of the CadVantage Win Dealer Chain then please apply immediately
with your company background and your willness to: