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Unleash your creativity with CadVantage Win ...

CadVantage Win is the Winning CAD Solution for Textile Designing for Dobby, Jacquard and Printing. has been acclaimed by whoever has used it, be it a novice, an expert, a professional Designer, Exporter or Textile Institute, as "THE NO LIMIT SOFTWARE" for textile designing.

CadVantage Win enables you to derive complicated weaves and designs not generally possible by other CAD packages.

CadVantage Win offers a large number of tools to the designers to weave and simulate different texture and visualize it, even before the fabric is produced.

Since CadVantage Win has been developed by professionals with Image Processing and Graphics expertise, the core software technology is rich with building Blocks to which the latest software technologies and the skills are added from time to time. To this strong foundation is added the textile concepts making it a True Open Architexture.

With Numerous inputs and feedback from Designers, Manufacturers and Actual Users, is now the ‘ULTIMATE SOFTWARE’ for Textile Designing.

  • Benefits of CadVantage Win
  • Big savings in Time and Money
  • Avoid bottle necks in converting Designs to weaves and positives
  • Quick production of customers Designs and incorporating changes
  • Instant Simulated Samples which can be used for marketing
  • Non viable designs eliminated at design stage
  • Create your own colour ways and design library
  • Create an Archieve of designs which can be retrieved very easily

Products Launched Recently

Electronic retrofit kit for automating mechanical Jacquards (actuators). Intelligent yarn grading and fabric simulation system.
3D texture mapping and fashion designing.