• Setting up of CadVantage Win Design Centre
  • Franchising of CadVantage Win Design Centre at any plac
  • CadVantage Win Club
  • Training of Textile Designer
  • Computer manpower selection
  • Consultancy for Modernisation
  • Corporate training in Information Technology (IT)

Service Plus is Teckmen’s unique feature in addition to regular After Sales Service.

CadVantage Win School of Textile CAD

Textile Cad Training at its BEST 
Teckmen offers 3 months of intensive training programme in CadVantage Win Jacquard, Dobby & Printex. Master the art of textile designing with the powerful tools of CadVantage Win.

Technical and Software Support
Operating manuals give complete information to the user. Customer support by Telephone, Fax and E-mail is available for immediate help, followed by  "ON THE SPOT SERVICE" by Application Engineers if needed.